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Lightning Talks [clear filter]
Wednesday, October 17


Lightning Talks
  1. Flang Update - Steve Scalpone
  2. Dex: efficient symbol index for Clangd - Kirill Bobyrev
  3. Hardware Interference Size - JF Bastien
  4. Using TAPI to Understand APIs and Speed Up Builds - Steven Wu
  5. DWARF v5 Highlights - Why You Care - Paul Robinson
  6. What’s New In Outlining - Jessica Paquette 
  7. Refuting False Bugs in the Clang Static Analyzer using SMT Solvers - Mikhail R. Gadelha
  8. ThinLTO Summaries in JIT Compilation - Stefan Gränitz
  9. Repurposing GCC Regression for LLVM Based Tool Chains - Jeremy Bennett
  10.  atJIT: an online, feedback-directed optimizer for C++ - Kavon Farvardin
  11. Mutating the clang AST from Plugins - Andrei Homescu

avatar for Jeremy Bennett

Jeremy Bennett

Chief Executive, Embecosm
Bio: Dr Jeremy Bennett is founder and Chief Executive of Embecosm (http://www.embecosm.com), a consultancy implementing open source compilers and chip simulators for major corporations around the world. He is a author of the standard textbook "Introduction to Compiling Techniques... Read More →
avatar for Kirill Bobyrev

Kirill Bobyrev

Software Engineering Intern, Google

Kavon Farvardin

University of Chicago

Mikhail R. Gadelha

University of Southampton

Andrei Homescu

Immunant, Inc.

Paul Robinson

Sr Staff Compiler Engineer, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Steve Scalpone

Flang, F18, and NVIDIA C, C++, and Fortran for high-performance computing.
avatar for Steven Wu

Steven Wu

Compiler Engineer, Apple

Wednesday October 17, 2018 2:00pm - 3:00pm
1 - General Session (Rm LL20ABC)


Lightning Talks
  1. Automatic Differentiation in C/C++ Using Clang Plugin Infrastructure - Aleksandr Efremov
  2. More efficient LLVM devs: 1000x faster build file generation, -j1000 builds, and O(1) test execution - Nico Weber
  3. Heap-to-Stack Conversion - Hal Finkel
  4. TWINS - This Workflow is Not Scrum: Adapting Agile for Open Source Interaction - Joshua Magee
  5. clang-doc: an elegant generator for more civilized documentation - Julie Hockett
  6. Code Coverage with CPU Performance Monitoring Unit - Bharathi Seshadri
  7. VecClone Pass: Function Vectorization via LoopVectorizer - Konstantina Mitropoulou
  8. ISL Memory Management Using Clang Static Analyzer - Malhar Thakkar
  9. Error Handling in Libraries: A Case Study - James Henderson
  10. NEC SX-Aurora - A Scalable Vector Architecture - Erich Focht
  11. Eliminating always_inline in libc++: a journey of visibility and linkage - Louis Dionne

avatar for Hal Finkel

Hal Finkel

Argonne National Laboratory
avatar for James Henderson

James Henderson

Software Engineer, SN Systems (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
I have been working in toolchain software development since graduating from Bristol University six years ago. For the majority of that time, I have been part of the SN Systems binary utilities team, with my main focus on developing the PlayStation® linker. Over the past two years... Read More →

Joshua Magee

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Konstantina Mitropoulou

Intel Corporation

Bharathi Seshadri

Cisco Systems
avatar for Malhar Thakkar

Malhar Thakkar

Columbia University

Wednesday October 17, 2018 3:00pm - 4:00pm
1 - General Session (Rm LL20ABC)